Sunday, June 19, 2011

So long, $hame

Most recent, and one of the first. . . photos of us.

This weekend, we stayed home. We met deadlines, ate sandwiches on fresh bread, spackled, scanned and laughed at old photos, grilled and talked. Normally, we would not choose to be "confined", rather meet friends for sushi or spirits. But truth be told, we can't afford it. We can't afford much of anything. My new career, school and some changes at our jobs make it impossible. And while we know it's not forever, it's in view for some time to come.

We made good choices (my career switch) and bad choices (charging a trip to Jamaica). We know how we got here and you know what? I'm happier now that I've been in years. Right now. Right this minute on our sofa with the sun streaming in through slatted blinds and hearing quiet in the city. Anticipating Marc's rousing and awaiting a walk on the Lake.

I refuse to be ashamed of my story. The "How I Got Here" to this place where I can't buy a cardigan when I want to. Where I buy mascara at Walgreens and not Macy's. Where I have to get creative with blips of boredom and plant seeds in every sense of the word. It's Father's Day, and I came across more photos of my dad and I when I was small; where I can see the love zipping in between us in sparks and flashes. To dig out that box from under the stairs, and spend time to thumb through old prints, scan them and watch them dance across the screen; that happened because I am broke.

The bedroom fan works because we are broke, and my husband is determined and capable. We eat healthy, al fresco, on our deck because we have to and look what happens? My skin begins to freckle and we see fireworks miles away.

I know there is kinship in this admission because I've surveyed a small sampling of my friends who are struggling. To say "no" to invitations, is to admit that maybe you made bad choices. . . but now you're making good ones. It is to accept your story and then begin to change it to where you want it to go; where you want it to end. It's a beautiful thing that lessons can be learned and reality can be shifted all because of your own will.

I love my home. I love my husband. Being broke, I'm loving me more. Resiliency is such a sexy thing.


  1. Awesome post. You're not alone in this one kiddo...I'm right there with ya!

  2. Have been where you both are right now----great lessons were learned. Taught me to live within my means which, when accomplished was able to do more than I invisioned. You're blessed to learn this early--will come out stronger, wiser, and sounds like new discoveries of pleasure on the rise. Isn't life interesting--never knowing what lies ahead.
    Loved reading this, Em---I still think you should be an author---so excellant with the language. Journey on !!!!! Love and miss you both.

    Anne H

  3. You, Me, We are learning what true prosperity is. You ARE prospering in the wealth of the heart.
    FYI: Potluck Game Night with friends (buy Quiddler if you like word games), will make your cup runneth over. I have been to five game nights already this summer and I feel so rich because of this fun time bonding with friends.
    Book Suggestion: Creating True Prosperity by Shakti Gawain. It is a quick profound read. I put it on my MUST Read suggestion list.